Advanced Digital Signal Processing 




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Signal Processing Techniques Used in Deep Learning

Fast and Accurate Image Super-Resolution with Deep Laplacian Pyramid Networks

From Conventional to End-to-end Automatic Speech Recognition



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Tutorials 專區

(Part 1: Signal Processing Theories)

Non-Linear Time Variant System Analysis           

Structural Similarity    


Multiple-Input and Multiple-Output System Analysis  

Quaternion Algebra 

Jacket Transform                                                  

Nonuniform Sampling

Fermat and Mersenne Numbers                            


Chinese Remainder Theorem           

Compressive Sensing                                             

Mellin Transform        

Independent Component Analysis             

Singular Value Decomposition (SVD)       

Graph Signal Processing                 

Golden-section Search and Fibonacci Search  

Quantum Signal Processing  

Sparse Representation  

Fuzzy Logic in Signal Processing  

Signal Processing for Big Data  


(Part 2: Filter Design)

Notch Filter                                                           

Weiner Filter

Adaptive Filter Algorithm and Application           

Bilateral Filter

Recent Development of Filter Design                   

Image Enhancement, Denoising, and Rain Removal  

Kalman Filter                

Particle Filter                       

Nonlinear Filter

Hamming and Hanning Filter

Hamming and Hanning Filter (1)

Guided Filter


(Part 3: Compression)

JPEG for Still Image Compression                        

JPEG Decoder         

Image Compression                                              

Recent Development of Image Compression                                       

Video Compression          

Recent Development of Video Compression                                        

H.264 Basic Architecture                  



Sound Signal Compression                                  

Music Signal Compression     

Text Compression                                                

Arithmetic Coding

JBIG and Binary Image Compression                  

Medical Image Compression                  

Lossless Image Compression    

Electrocardiogram Signal Compression  

H.265 Video Compression Architecture  

MP3 for Vocal Signal Compression  

Learning Based Image Compression Techniques  


(Part 4: Music and Speech)

Automatic Music Genre Classification                 

Speech Analysis by Mel-Cepstrum

Music Emotion Recognition(1)                            

Music Emotion Recognition(2)  

Query by Humming System(1)                            

Query by Humming System(2)       

Tone Analysis                                                      

Mel-Frequency Cepstrum  

Speaker Recognition  

Blind Source Separation  

Natural Language Processing and Speech Processing  

Distance Estimation for Sound Source  

Echo Cancellation  


(Part 5: Pattern Recognition)

Support Vector Machine

Vector Quantization

Neural Network

Facial Expression Recognition                                       

Face Recognition   

Face Recognition(2016)    

Face Detection and Adaboost   

Occluded Face Recognition

Compressive Sensing for Pattern Recognition

Character Identification

Motion Recognition

Finger Tracking and Its Applications

Object Tracing for Videos


(Part 6: Image Processing)

Image Deblurring     

Light Field Camera                     


Saliency Map                     

Region of Interest Extraction               

Sharpness Measurement for Images                      

Structural Similarity     

Scaling Invariant Feature Transform (SIFT)                  

Speeded-up Robust Feature (SURF) Points          

Edge Detection (1)     

Edge Detection (2)                                                


Digital Watermarking       

Video Summarization     

Image Denoising                                                           

Haze Removal   

Rain Removal for Images   

Corner Detection   

Image Segmentation Using Superpixels                         

Video Segmentation Using Supervoxels   

SAR Image Processing                                                  

Stereoscopic Image Processing         

Hyperspectral Image Analysis   

Satellite Image Processing   

Image Fusion     

Damaged Signal Recovery    

Augmented Reality    

Shadow Removal(1)    

Shadow Removal(2)    

Super Resolution  

Learning Based Superresolution 

Image Sharpness

Image Enhancement 

Image Stitching 


Image Registration 


(Part 7: Fast Algorithm)

Integer Cosine Transform                 

Fast Algorithm for DCT(1)                                  

Fast Algorithm for DCT(2)        

Integer Transform    

Winograd FFT Algorithm     


(Part 8: Communication)

Modern OFDM Techniques    


Pseudo CDMA           

Recent Development of CDMA      

Multiple Signal Classification (MUSIC)  


(Part 9: Medical Signal Processing and Medical Image Processing)

EMG(肌電圖) Signal Analysis       

DSP for Electrocardiography Analysis    

Signal Processing for Electroencephalography  

DSP for DNA Sequence Analysis   

Dynamic Programming for Sequence Alignment

Assistive Technology for Color Blindness      

Magnet Resonance Imaging and Analysis(1)

Magnet Resonance Imaging and Analysis(2)      

Signal Processing for Healthcare      

Photoacoustic Imaging   


(Part 10: Other Applications of Digital Signal Processing)



Multimedia Security       

3-D Accelerometer Signal Analysis  

Doppler Ultrasound Signal Analysis                     

Data Prediction           

Signal Processing for Economical Data Analysis                                                  

Financial Signal Processing  

Learning Based Prediction Techniques  





平時分數: 15 scores 




Homework: 60 scores

(5 times, 3 週一次,第 3n+1 週出作業,第 3n+3 週交作業)

(請自己寫,和同學內容相同,將扣 70% 的分數,就算寫錯但好好寫也會給 40~95% 的分數,
 遲交分數打 8 折,不交不給分。不知道如何寫,可用 E-mail 和我聯絡,或於上課時發問)


Term paper 25 scores


(1) 書面報告 (10頁以上(不含封面),中英文皆可,11或12的字體,題目可選擇和課程有關的任何一個主題
                     格式和一般寫期刊論文或碩博士論文相同,包括 abstract, conclusion, 及 references,
                     並且要分 sections,必要時有subsections。 References 的寫法, 可參照一般 IEEE 的論文的寫法 )

(2) Tutorial (和書面報告格式相同,但18頁以上,題目由老師指定,以清楚的介紹一個主題的基本概念和應用為要求,
                    選擇這個項目的同學,學期成績加 3 分) 

(3) 口頭報告 (限四個人,每個人 30~45分鐘,題目可選擇和課程有關的任何一個主題,選擇這個項目的同學,學期成績加 2分)

(4) 編輯 Wikipedia (中文或英文網頁皆可,至少 2 個條目,但不可同一條目翻成中文和英文。限和課程相關者,自由發揮,
                                 個人的貢獻加起來要 80 行以上,越有條理、有系統的越好)